bring on the new year!

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Mary Lee is heralding a new year of poetry, hosting today at A Year of Reading!


…bring on the new year…


bottled bubbly cheer.

bottled up longing and fear.

pop the cork on both!


New Year Postcard from early1900s

Public domain New Year greeting postcard circa early 1900’s via Wikimedia Commons


Dear Poetry Friday Community of Writers and Readers,

To you and your families: 2016 wishes (and more!) for a new year filled with every goodness! God bless you!

Happy New Year!

16 responses to “bring on the new year!

  1. Keri Collins Lewis

    Best wishes to you and yours for a 2016 bubbling over with blessings!

    • “bubbling over with blessings!” Thank you!…Wish I had thought of that! You’re brilliant, and I’m smiling, truly bubbling over with your blessing! Thank you so very much for taking time this special night to read and to comment. …Your blessings right back at you!

  2. Have a great year! Love the postcard!

    • Double thank you! (I’m not really an angel-person, but I couldn’t resist that innocently happy face. And the fact that a baby angel girl (rather than a traditional baby new year boy) was heralding the New Year made it even more irresistible! …Thank you for honoring my baby poetry by reading and commenting. Bless New Year! God bless you!

  3. You have captured the truth of a new year — it will be full of both the good and the not-so-good, but we must pop the cork on whatever will come our way! Happy New Year, no matter what it brings!

    • Amen! Thank you so much, with all your hostessing responsibilities, for taking time to read and to affirm. God bless you! No matter what, as you said, we’ve got to pop the top on whatever comes our way. Onward….

  4. Happy New Year!

  5. Love the poem–it gets straight to the heart of the matter. Have a wonderful New Year!

    • Thank you for including the poem as part of your New Year reading!…As soon as I saw your site’s name next to “an hour ago,” I knew: “Nix the comfort zone” could have been the title of the poem. No wonder it resonated! Wish I were as gutsy as you! …Too much anticipatory second-guess, self-sabotaging for me…Time to pop the cork. God bless you this new year and always!

  6. Those old postcards were wonderful! Hope your year is bubbly and bright!

    • Thank you for taking time to read and to share your well wishes: bubbly & bright–I love it! Glad you liked the postcard. When our daughter was little, we started a postcard collection for her. Going to postcard shows was a favorite for me. (Wish I had started the collection for me…Don’t know what she’s done with them…) Started working on next week’s poem, based on the Christmas Moon you inspired me to see firsthand. Thank you!!!! I find such forthright practicality in your poetry posts. Thank you! Blessed New Year!

  7. I like this “let it go” message. Happy New Year!

    • With winter on the way “let it go” has me singing the “Frozen” theme. In so many areas of my life, need to live that! Thank you for the reminder. God bless you! I appreciate your taking time to read the poem and to comment. Ready or not, the new year is underway! Enjoy every moment of it!

  8. On New Year’s Eve, we have a tradition of walking a labyrinth…are you familiar with those? It is sort of like you are walking to your innermost thoughts and out again. I thought about fear and dealing with what I was afraid of. It’s an important topic! Thanks for bringing it up in an encouraging way!

    • What a great psycho-social-physical introspective New Year tradition! Thank you for taking time to share about it!…Thank you, too, for taking time to read the poem, and for your affirming, encouraging words. God bless you! Happy New Year!

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