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March 25th is Good Friday, and thanks to Texas Christian songwriter-musician Billy James Foote there is a beautiful song, apropos for Good Friday, titled: “Amazing Love” (a.k.a. “You Are My King”) that has inspired this Good Friday/Poetry Friday reflection.

Amazing love
How can it be
That You my King
Would die for me

The “Amazing Love” lyrics featured in this post’s photo-poem are my favorite verses. They’re my favorite for a number of reasons. First, I love that the cited lines speak of God’s unconditional love for each human being, demonstrated by Jesus’ willing death by crucifixion on Good Friday.

In that connection, I also love that the lyrics refer to Jesus as “my King.” Ironically, whereas in human sociopolitical terms, the subjects typically are expected to die for the king, in God’s plan, the amazing love is that the King dies for each and every one of His subjects–without exception. He died for you and me. Amazing Love, indeed!

Amazing love
How can it be
That You my King
Would die for me

For all the words of the song, projected as the lyrics are sung by Lyndsey Wallace, please click  here.

(If you are moved by the song’s content, you might wish to enjoy a video version that has moving spiritual background visuals, with lyrics sung by Chris Tomlin.)

FYI: In addition to Chris Tomlin’s vocal, the song has been recorded by artists such as Australia’s  Newsboys and Hillsong. Internationally,”Amazing Love” has been translated into other languages including Dutch, German, Korean, Spanish, and Swedish.

As someone who loves music, photography, and poetry, I am very grateful to be able to marry into a Good Friday photo-poem Billy James Foote’s beautiful lyrics with the public domain image of Christ, the Crucified King.

Amazing love
How can it be
That You my King
Would die for me

…If you are celebrating holy days between now and our next Poetry Friday, may you and your family enjoy every blessing, filled with God’s Amazing Infinite Unconditional Love for you and everyone you love!  God bless you!


18 responses to “It’s Good Friday’s Amazing Love

  1. Thank you for the introduction to this song, which is poetry! Happy Easter.

  2. I can feel the comfort and joy that you’re feeling, cb, in these words and colors. Happy Easter.

    • Thank you for hosting this week and for taking time to read and to respond to the photo-poem. It’s hard to believe that such an amazing piece of art is in the public domain, isn’t it? I’ve never seen anything like it, and as you discerned, I just love it! It’s not idyllic/soft, sugary/unrealistic, but it is comforting in a multifaceted, brilliant, vibrant way! Life and death. Imagine the artist sharing that gift gratuitously…But then that’s what Amazing Love is all about, isn’t it? Thank you so much for your Easter wishes. It’s a blessing that you have shared; I wish you every blessing in return–and then some!

  3. Beautiful match you’ve made, cb. Happy Easter.

    • 🙂 So glad you like it; seemed a “natural” for today. Happy Easter to you, too! God bless you. Thank you for taking time today to read and to share.

  4. Thank you for sharing this lovely song, CB. Happy Easter.

  5. Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing from your heart.

  6. Keri Collins Lewis

    Hi cb! Have you heard of the old hymn with a similar chorus? “And Can it Be?” is the title: I sang this one year ago in choir. Thanks for the reminder!

    • What a wonderful Holy Saturday music-meditation! No..I hadn’t heard the old hymn with a similar chorus until you gifted me with the information and the link. Thank you so much for sharing the song-lyrics/photos; I can only imagine the strong feelings you must have had singing those words as part of a choir. Glad to have given you a reminder:) Thank you so much for the time you spent reading the post and sharing the link and comment. God bless you! Happy Easter!

  7. A powerful match, CB. Blessings.

  8. I love this song, but I also love the old hymn version. Though I no longer have a piano, it’s one of the songs I still love to sit down play when I have the opportunity. Here’s the link to Charles Wesley’s original: Happy Easter!

    • Thank you very much for reading the post and sharing your experience of playing such a beautiful old hymn. Thank you, too, for sharing the link so that I could enjoy hearing it–what a special Easter treat! If I could have given myself any gift in the world, I’ve always thought I would have chosen singing and playing the piano. Praise God for His gift to you! Happy Easter, too, to you and your loved ones. God bless you!

  9. Lovely post! Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration!

    • Thank you for reading and affirming! Thank you, too, for your well wishes. I did have a wonderful Easter celebration; hope you did, too! (Actually, I’m trying to keep in mind that Easter lasts for 50 days; so continued, Happy Easter!) May God bless you!

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