Snow Wonder

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Linda is this week’s hostess at Teacher Dance.


Televised newscast in the background, me: half-listening, not watching; engrossed in what I was composing on the laptop; upright screen blocking my television vision.

… “It’s snow wonder…”

Curiosity piqued, I stop typing, literally sticking my neck out to see the televised “snow wonder” …

Putting audio and video together, I soon realized that while I obviously had snow on the brain, the reporter didn’t….

Instant mental gymnastics replay, and:

“It’s no wonder…”

And that hearing-realization led to this play on the reporter’s expression:


PF wk 5 snow pictures (2)


Even though I preferred using the alliterative “surprise,” rather than the reporter’s “wonder,” I haven’t given up trying to make that work… maybe next week…

Who snows! …I mean who knows!


p.s. I’m always second-guessing–especially my use of punctuation (punctuation lover that I am). Please indulge me, if you would. More effective last line ditching ellipsis; replacing exclamation mark with colon?


It’s snow!

It’s no surprise: no school!













17 responses to “Snow Wonder

  1. I like the exclamation point better than the semicolon myself. Nice picture. Is that your house or neighborhood?

  2. Love the photo and your play on words. I like the exclamation mark better than the ellipsis, too. But I really like “snow wonder” I guess snow always seems like a wonder to me. (I’m looking at a lovely one right now where each branch is frosted with snow.) My suggestion would be to go with It’s snow wonder; no school today! or something like that. Of course if you live in a region where you rarely get snow, “surprise” might be better. I commend you for working with your serendipitous inspiration. 🙂

    • Thank you for investing so much time in helping me grow …How simple; how brilliant: It’s snow wonder; no school today! ..Thank you; I love it! …Meanwhile, I haven’t given up: I’m playing with a “snow wonder” for next Friday. We, too, woke up to snow this morning; as long as I don’t need to drive in it, I can calmly appreciate the beauty of it. Thank you again so very much! God bless you.

  3. Love ‘snow surprise (I put in the apostrophe) & the play you’ve had with words, CB. Listening half-way to the newscast & finding a poem there is a great story.

    • Thank you for taking time, with all your hostessing responsibilities, to share your thoughts, which have given me a smile. Thank you! God bless you…Thanks again for hostessing!

  4. So playful! Thanks for sharing. Re. ellipses, I tend to overuse them myself. I usually just write, then go back and take out some…. ;0)

  5. Looks like you had fun playing in the snow!

  6. Was this today, cb. We only had a dusting and that was fine with us since we had our Long Island Literacy Conference today. I do like the 2nd version. If you want to send it to me for the gallery, I can add it in and see which ones you like the best.

  7. We had enough to result in a 50 car pileup on the highway, but obviously not enough to get people to drive slower!

    I prefer the colon version. It’s more emphatic. For me, ellipses imply indecision or something to be continued. No school is NO SCHOOL! Shout it out.

    • So sorry about the pileup; so sad & true about “obviously not enough…” Thank you very much for taking time to read and to share your druthers! I love it: “No school is NO SCHOOL! Shout it out.” Amen!!!!! God bless you; stay safe on and off the highways!

  8. Great aha moment— snow wonder/no wonder! My less than perfect hearing definitely benefits me creatively (though it’s a nuisance the rest of the time).

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