Ditty Delirium



In response to Michelle Barnes’ DOM challenge, my “ditty” fun submission, which Michelle, whose consistent wit and sense of humor I greatly admire and enjoy, good-naturedly accepted. Thank you, Michelle!


DOM Ditty cbhanek

p.s. I’d love it if one of my PF comrades could compose a really challenging “ditty” tongue twister (compared with my string of “D” words. Delirious. Delirium.) Thank you!

4 responses to “Ditty Delirium

  1. Dotty’s ditties are fabulous! Knock, knock jokes are my favorite. =)

  2. Thank you so much for going out of your way to find and to read the Ditty tongue twister and knock-knock joke. Am glad you found Dotty’s ditties funny! I am very grateful for you endorsement. Your fantastic Limer-ICK has inspired me to try writing one. God bless you! Hope your holiday weekend has been a good one!

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