More Snow Wondering

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Irene is this week’s hostess at Live Your Poem


Last week,  as explained in that post,  after realizing that what I heard on a newscast as “snow wonder” actually was “no wonder,” I committed to using “wonder,” as in “It’s snow/no wonder” in a photo-poem. Although I couldn’t make that work last week (ultimately opting to substitute “surprise,” for “wonder”), I committed to trying again this week.

Thanks to an inspirational image of snow-covered pine trees, here, after numerous experiments, is my offering of a “It’s snow/no wonder” in a photo-poem:)


PF snow wonder pine (2)


That’s it. That’s my best shot.

What’s your snow/no wondering?

God bless you. Thanks for sharing!

15 responses to “More Snow Wondering

  1. I’m so glad you gave this another try! Love the snow cones. 🙂 Thank you!

    • 🙂 …Come to think of it, that might be why I was craving cold sherbet or Italian ices tonight…Thank you for taking time, amidst your hostessing responsibilities, to read and to share your affirming comments. God bless you; thank you!

  2. Hi! I like “snow cones,” too — very clever. I am wondering about a transition between summer and snow? Like
    sizzling summer
    parches thirsty-throated pine —
    (winter transition)
    chills snow cones.
    Just a thought!

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Would you believe I woke up this morning thinking that I “should have” said “parched” instead of “thirsty” (and wondering why I hadn’t done that initially!)! And now I see how you worked in both thoughts! God bless you for caring and taking so much time to help me improve! I definitely appreciate your sharing your expertise.

  3. I think we do agree; “snow cones” is terrific. Glad you tried again!

    • Thank you! If nothing else, I’m tenacious:) God bless you; thank you for taking time to read and to affirm. I appreciate your endorsement. (Guess I have primaries on the brain!)

  4. Love all your word play in this poem! Pine (tree/desire) and cone (pine seed/tasty treat)…plus the rhyminess of wonder and summer…DELICIOUS!

    • Thank you for sharing your much appreciated feedback on the word play. Pine & cone word play I was aware of; summer & wonder “ear play”…not sure I heard what you heard before you pointed it out. Thank you!!! God bless you.

  5. The last line was a great surprise. Side note: when my son was little, he misheard “this way” as “the sway.” It took us a while to figure out why he would sometimes ask to go “the other sway”!

    • “the other sway”..I love it! Thank you so much for sharing about your little boy’s “mishearing.” Thank you, too, for taking time to read the poem; glad it held an element of surprise! God bless you and your grownup (? growing up) son.

  6. Another great version. My kid love the little bit of winter in their fairground sno-cones. I like fried dough. 🙂

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