Cold Moon on Christmas Morn

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This past Wednesday, January 6th, was the Feast of Epiphany, aka “Little Christmas.” …You likely know the story. Three Wise Men from the East followed the new star to Bethlehem to worship the newborn King. …Thinking about their trek in search of the Child, led as they were by a heavenly sign, got me thinking about a heavenly sight I nearly missed on Christmas Day.

True, this December 25th, this Christmas Day, there was no Bethlehem star in the heavens, but there was a special sight, nonetheless.

Inspired by Donna Smith’s pictorial Christmas Eve post, which I read early Christmas morn, I overcame laziness and indifference concerning the day’s historical Christmas Moon.

Thanks to earlier-in-the-week televised newscasts, I knew that the last full Christmas Day Moon had occurred in 1977 (likely when some of you had not yet been born; though I was more than alive then, I have no remembrance of such a heavenly event). Thanks to the news, I also knew that the next occurrence would be in  2034 (no assurance I would be alive to see that one.)

Originally thinking I would be content to see an image of the Christmas Moon on the news, Donna’s enthusiasm and photo intervened.

Now or never. Not Christmas past. Nor Christmas future. This Christmas, Christmas present, held the best chance of witnessing such a phenomenon: the first full moon of winter, called a “Cold Moon,” occurring on Christmas morning.

Not sure if it were already too late, if I had already missed my chance, nonetheless, outside I raced to see the night light sight for myself. Then, not content with the sight of the Moon from my house–from between the trees–I quickly dressed, grabbed my car keys, and drove to our parish church, which sits upon a hill and sure enough, I got a much better look at the Moon.

In retrospect, I’m grateful to Donna for photographing and posting the inspirational piece Christmas Eve–not only because it led to my witnessing the full Moon in person, which was a moving experience. But, perhaps even more importantly, because this Christmas Moon “caper,” I’m sorry to say reveals a tendency in me to underplay through laziness or malaise the value of firsthand experiences.

This time, I was blessed to get a second chance! As we enter into 2016, I hope to learn from this near-miss to be more appreciative and enthusiastic when the Creator gifts us with a special sight, such as teh one just given on the day that commemorates the Birth of His Son.

Shame on me!  Thank God that the Wise Men did not share my malaise.

Thank God (literally) for Donna S. from Maine! This is not the first time her posts have made a difference to me. Main(e)ly, she keeps me eyes-open, humble–and moving!



22 responses to “Cold Moon on Christmas Morn

  1. I didn’t find out about it until after. I wish I had known. I would have gone out and looked myself. I’m happy to see your photo of it. Happy New Year!

    • Sorry you didn’t get to see the moon, except in photo. Thank you for taking time to read the poem and to share your response in your usual upbeat style. Thank you! It’s always a blessing when you read and write here! God bless you!

      • Don’t feel too bad for me. I didn’t see the moon partly because my family and I were having a splendid time focussing on each other. Still, seeing the moon would have been lovely. But luckily I blog, and I rarely miss the big events because bloggers are on top of them. Many blessings to you and yours. XOXO

      • Good for you! I love what you said. Some “seeing” the moon; you “focusing” on each other. You prose poetry:) Thank you for your warm wishes! God bless you and your family! XOXO

  2. I saw it, and photographed it! We were lucky that it was a cloudless night, so beautiful. Thanks for capturing it in words, too!

    • Your comments always make me smile. Thank you for taking time to read and to share your affirming comment. So glad you got to see it, too! It’s another confirmation of what Ronstadt sang–we really are all connected under the same big sky! It’s nice to know you’re out there, getting the West covered in goodness! God bless you!

  3. I wish I photographed it, cb, but I did see various positions the moon was in. Odd that it is called cold moon Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thanks for reading and sharing! I would have loved to have seen what you would have done with the image. Sorry you didn’t photograph it; glad you saw it! …If I recall correctly, it’s called a cold moon because it’s the first of winter (guess winter doesn’t expect 60 degree temperatures on Christmas Day!) God bless you!

  4. Even “cold” things can warm our hearts, can’t they? I love to see cross-pollination in action among the Poetry Friday community.

    • Thanks again for hosting this week and for taking time to read and share your as-always crystal-clear clarifying observation! Yes! I am very grateful for the cross-pollination, especially in the winter, when even the brain freezes:) God bless you!

  5. Stunning! I meant to photograph it…but…

  6. Seize the moment — every single one!

  7. Glad you got to see the moon–thanks for sharing it with those of us who did not.

  8. Sounds like you had your own epiphany this Christmas season. 🙂 Good for you for grabbing that opportunity and making it an unforgettable experience.

    • Thank you for taking time to read the post, and especially thank you for your comment. My “own epiphany.” I hadn’t thought about it that’ it’s a powerful way to think about seeing things differently going forward. I so admire the way you always synthesize an insight so powerfully, with wit and wisdom. I’ve missed reading your posts and having the blessing of learning from your comments. I’ve been doing a lot of other kinds of writing and have been treating reading and writing poetry as a special indulgence after all the other responsibilities are taken care of. Because your posts are so maturing for me, I am committing to grab the opportunity this week to see what’s happening at TLD & DOM and challenging myself to attempt to respond–even if the response stays just with myself. Thank you again and again! God bless you!

  9. I’m glad that my post inspired you to view that beautiful Cold Moon first-hand. I love seeing/experiencing things that are wondrous to me…and the night sky is one of them! I saw the one in 1977 and I’m setting a goal to see the one in 2034… I’ll be pretty old, but it sure will be amazing to be around for three of them!

  10. I saw it but didn’t have the presence of mind to photograph it! Thank goodness other people did!

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