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bring on the new year!

Poetry Friday Tag

Mary Lee is heralding a new year of poetry, hosting today at A Year of Reading!


…bring on the new year…


bottled bubbly cheer.

bottled up longing and fear.

pop the cork on both!


New Year Postcard from early1900s

Public domain New Year greeting postcard circa early 1900’s via Wikimedia Commons


Dear Poetry Friday Community of Writers and Readers,

To you and your families: 2016 wishes (and more!) for a new year filled with every goodness! God bless you!

Happy New Year!

Christmas Presence


During hospice volunteer training many years ago, each member of the full-time professional county-based hospice team presented one of the training sessions.

Something the chaplain said about the role of the hospice volunteer has stuck with me down through the years:

“When you arrive at the door of a terminally ill client as a hospice volunteer, you don’t just bring the good news, you are the good news.”

At Christmas time, in particular, but all through the rest of year, as well, it seems to me,  as fellow humans beings, the chaplain’s pronouncement is a worthy call to each one of us–hospice volunteer or not.

And so a Haiga challenge for me, each and every day (and for you, too, perchance?) ...


Christmas Presence

Cards. Gifts. Reaching out.

Calls. Visits. Listening ear.

…Attending to needs…

Best present ever? Presence.

Be (the) present.


 Whatever holiday or season you’re celebrating, here’s to giving and being gifted with the blessing of heartfelt presence.