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2 Beasties, Squeezed

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Since some of my elementary students really loved creating squeezed poems in response to Bob Raczka’s Lemonade and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word, I couldn’t resist squeezing a poem of my own in response to Michelle Barnes’ 5-word Beastie poem challenge.

…Okay.  So I couldn’t resist squeezing two poems–one beast from land; one from sea. (Hmm… where’s the beast from air? … I guess that one flew away…)

beastie poems squeezed (2)

p.s.  In case “Squeezed Poems” are new to you, as they were to me, the quick gist, as I understand it, is this: Write a poem based on as many words as you wish that are derived (anagram, style), solely from one start word, which serves as the poem’s theme or title. Sequence the words, vertically (as if squeezed out of the start word), so that they relate to each other and the starting word (perhaps telling a story).

Concerning my squeezed poems, I might have cheated by adding punctuation. I’m a punctuation freak. Sorry.

Beware a Beastly ID

When a friend asked me to nominate his Godson for a nationwide high school leadership award, I was happy to accommodate.  Impressed by the young man’s community service record, as well as his academic and musical accomplishments, I set out to compose the recommendation letter. Easy.

When it came to the demographic application, my friend was able to supply the candidate’s birth date, home address and phone number, school name and address. No problem.

“What’s his email?” I asked. “I need that, too.”

Promising to check, my friend soon got back to me.  “Tuba Beast.”

“What?” I asked. “Is this a joke?”

My friend assured me it was not. I assured him there was no way I was submitting a nomination for a highly competitive national adolescent leadership award for someone who self-identified as a “Tuba Beast.”

“Please find out his mother’s email address. I’ll use hers. Surely it will be more dignified.”

Another quick check, and my friend supplied her handle: “Dragon Lady.”

“No problem,” I said. “I’ll stick with Tuba Beast.”

Ergo…the resulting… five-word-Beast-poem, in response to Michelle Barnes’ challenging invitation.

dragon beast (2)

p.s. Tuba Beast neither “won” nor “honorably mentioned.”

Moral: Beware a Beastly ID.