“Storm” Haiku (Week 85)

haikuhorizons1 (2)storm cropped (2)

14 responses to ““Storm” Haiku (Week 85)

  1. strong emotions in these lines

  2. Please ignore my earlier comment.. Or delete it.. Here’s my comment for you.. I liked the way the emotions flow..

    Just a not of caution: Have you exceeded syllables … ?

    Do visit me here.. http://rameshsood.blogspot.in/2015/10/ripe-pomegranates.html


    • Thanks for reading/commenting. I appreciate your calling attention to something awry…Hmmm. You’ve got me thinking. I’ve recounted and still get 5-7-5. Which line seems off count to you? Thanks again!

  3. Watching someone rage can be very upsetting and frightening. And sometimes, the calm is long in coming even after the person leaves. Very well captured.

    • Thank you for taking time to read and to comment.I appreciate your affirmation…On some levels, sometimes calm never comes, don’t you think?..Like the tentative calm, anticipating the next storm…God bless you!

  4. very strong emotions here… well expressed… 🙂

  5. Such powerful imagery presented in powerfully succinct bites. Great job! This was very moving.

  6. yes, the fright, the wait to see it pass leaving you unhurt…beautifully expressed….read mine here….http://istoppedtosmellarose.blogspot.com/2015/10/birth-of-storm.html

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