Catching a glimpse of a small sign tucked in the corner of a local beauty parlor’s front window advertising its participation in Locks of Love immediately reminded me of another of Pat Brisson’s life-changing books: Melissa Parkington’s Beautiful, Beautiful Hair.

Although Ms. Brisson’s main character, a young school girl, donates her hair to a fictitious hair-to-wig program, the poignant story of the heroine’s sacrifice of her beautiful, beautiful locks has indeed prompted real-life hair donations, as I can attest—starting with the author’s son’s donation.

Seeing before-and-after photos of Ms. Brisson’s young adult son, as well as the young adult son of the book’s illustrator, donning and donating long hair grown and cut in response to the words and art in their mothers’ deeply moving book, was indeed inspirational! …And not only to me!

Following Ms. Brisson’s school visit, one of the teachers donated her hair, ceremoniously cut in the presence of her students by a cancer-survivor hairstylist, grateful to use her talents to support an unknown recipient, who like her, will no doubt appreciate the outreaches of love in practical matters, including the love that rests, like a blessing and wish for healing, securely upon her head!

Beauty parlor. Advertisement in the window. Pat Brisson’s book. Beautiful gifts of self-donation. Life and literature totally connected.

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