Twice-Tremendous Trees

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In response to Carol V.’s Autumn Palette poetry-photo invitation, I pondered this photo taken by my husband…

wek autumn photo for post

Now, please don’t peek below…If you were responding to this photo in poem, what words does this image inspire from you? I’d love to know!… As for me…

….Reflecting on the reflection, I reflected on  Narcissus, reflecting that before camera-produced selfies, there were the nature-made selfies, courtesy of water…..and voila! a photo-poem:

cbhanek Autumn Palette number 3

Good thing that the trees are smarter and more humble than Narcissus. I’m glad they don’t get  infatuated with themselves; don’t topple into the water.

Without uprooting or taking leave of  themselves, what a splash of color they add to the water, without subtracting any beauty or diminishing any hue from what reaches above–into the heavens.

In reflecting on that truth, I totally agree with Joyce Kilmer…”I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.” Amen!

Upon further reflection, truly, trees are ten times ten times more than twice-tremendous….

21 responses to “Twice-Tremendous Trees

  1. Love this post – trees as Narcissus! What gorgeous photos and thoughts. One of the prettiest pictures I took this fall on a little trip was of cypress trees reflecting in still water.
    Thanks for the beauty – for some reason I can see an old key in there – and the reminder of my peaceful moment from a couple of months ago as well.

    • Thank you so much, Robyn, for taking time to read and to share your connections and compliments:) I’m so really glad that you were reminded of a peaceful moment. (Don’t know about you, but I’m definitely in need of peaceful moments now)…
      Because you were the patient hostess of PF the very first time I was scared to post, and gave me encouragement then, any feedback of yours is especially treasured. Thank you, and God bless you!

  2. What a great picture, and your response (my first thought was ‘reflection’) of relating to Narcissus, plus the original ‘selfie’ is so funny. I do not tire of seeing pictures like this, have loved what people have shared this autumn.

    • Thank you so very much for taking time to read and to share so many particulars. I really appreciate your validation for this post. Like you, I can’t get enough of autumn photos. I’m looking forward to enjoying Carol’s Autumn Palette Gallery, whether or not my submissions are worthy of inclusion…God bless you; thanks again so very much!

  3. Beautiful photo — I first thought of the word “mirror.” I like the Narcissus reference, and your saying “taking leave of themselves.” 🙂 Nature-made selfies are the best!

  4. I just love the idea of a tree “taking leave” of itself! Great post, beautiful photo.

  5. I can see the tree bending down for a glimpse of its toes, or asking, do these leaves make me look fat? LOL Great visual and poem.

  6. What’s catching my attention is the idea of trees “taking leave of themselves.” It would be so much fun to play around with that autumn pun.

    • Thank you so very much for taking time to read and to muse. Would be very honored if you played around with that pun…Truly, if you felt so inspired, I’m happy if you take the idea and run with it:)… Interesting, with few exceptions, “everything” I write is premeditated and revised (ad nauseam); those four words came out spontaneously…I think there’s a lesson for me in that:)….Thanks again for your feedback! God bless you!

  7. I laughed out loud at “the original selfie-image maker.” Indeed! I love the Narcissus notion too. When I looked at the photo I noticed all the colors, and thought I’d write something about that.

    • Thank you so very much for reading and sharing your reactions to the poem and to the photo. Should you feel so inspired, I’d love to see how a poem about the colors might present itself. A very special thank you for reacting as you did to the “original…” I admit you and I seem to be the only ones who enjoy that observation–or perhaps we are the only ones with the requisite sense of humor to find that insight amusing. Thank you for laughing! I really appreciate knowing I’m not laughing alone; I’m grateful we’re laughing together.God bless you!

  8. So clever! I love it when poetry traditions–like references to mythic characters–join hands with the present–like ‘selfies.’ Surprise is one of the great byproducts of poetry–and the lifeblood of humor!

    • Thank you most sincerely for reading and for taking time to share such complimentary insights. Funny you should mention the tradition of mythic characters; I smiled to myself when I wrote about Narcissus, thinking that name-dropping gave the poem a certain authenticity–or maybe, more-so, respectability! (I say that in spite of my finding many poetic mythical allusions off-putting, particularly when I haven’t the slightest idea who or what is being alluded to.) Thank you for laughing at pairing old times/new times with me. Juxtapositions are more fun the more unexpected they are, aren’t they? God bless you!

  9. Great connection with Narcissus. I like to imagine the trees admiring themselves, though not in an egotistical way. More like the curiosity of coming of age. They’ve waited a whole year for this!

    • Thank you so much, Michelle, for reading and sharing your reflections. I’m smiling, enjoying your take on the trees’ self-image admiration as a coming of age curiosity, earned with an entire year’s waiting! I love it! Sounds like a metaphor on adolescent preoccupation with mirrors and body image! Thank you again so much for lending me your lens…God bless you! Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. My thought at seeing this stunning scene is stillness.

    I see fish in the water and birds in the trees, but no key (as Robyn does.)

    It’s just so lovely. And at the selfie thought I wanted to chuckle out loud, but thought I might ripple the still water.

    • Thank you so very much for gifting me with your reflections; I love your respectfulness toward the still waters…Not having your self-restraint (or wit), I’m afraid I did chuckle out loud (before I read your caution why not to)! Seems my laughter scared the fish and birds away, which explains why I missed seeing them. As for the key….allusive to me! ..God bless you and your family on Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am very grateful that you took time to read and to share your lively thoughts! Thank you!

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