Hook & Flesh Haikus

ronovan-writes-haiku-challenge-shadow REDUCED

                     Returning Evil

  By hook for a crook–                              
  Sweet pound of flesh: Revenge.                        
  Boomerang!I’m  d e a d….


                Love, Crocheted

Wool through gnarled fingers.
Frozen joints struggle to hook.
Grandchild’s flesh is warmed.

9 responses to “Hook & Flesh Haikus

  1. Oops! We all can really miss what the word is. Tide and Tied sound exactly alike. Keep going. This is just a fluke. Otherwise, your Haiku is quite interesting. 🙂

  2. Thank y’all for joining in the challenge. Another duo. We have a sister act that joins as well. Now I am going to be self conscious of my punctuation. It’s awful. 🙂

  3. Such creative and moving imagery. I really enjoy your poetry! 🙂

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