Me, after the Fall

Me.  Rolling ‘long the sidewalk, speeding fast of all.
Me.  Knees all bruised and bloody.
Me.  After the fall.
Mommy.  “Oh, no! Why? How could you!”
Mommy.  “Communion pictures will be spoiled!”
Me.  Tears.
Mommy.  Painting my knees in Mercurochrome.

Me.  Dressed all in white: veil, gloves, dress, shoes, socks, and shawl.
Me.  Nice. Smelling nosegay.
Mommy.  Proud picture-taker. Click!
Me.  Camera-ready. Flashing smiles.
Me.  Semi-toothless. Not camera-shy.
Me.  After the fall. Happy.
Me.  Knowing Jesus loves me. Orange knees and all.

10 responses to “Me, after the Fall

  1. “Orange knees and all” 🙂 What a precious memory. Thanks for sharing it for this month’s DMC challenge!

    • Thank you for reading/encouraging….
      DMC “challenge” that’s the operative word for me. I hardly feel qualified to submit; I appreciate being able to learn and grow. Thank you!!! p.s. If ever I submit something too entirely embarrassing, would you please kindly suggest to me that I give it some more revision. Thank you! God bless you!

  2. I remember my first communion and all the girls in white frilly dresses. I don’t, however, remember anyone with orange knees!

  3. awww… orange knees and all! Love the memory you’ve captured. More, please!

    • Thank you so very much for taking time to read and to extend your personally encouraging comment. I feel totally out of my league posting with all of you who are pro’s at poetry. I am so humbled and gratified, not only that poets like you would bother to read my poems, but that you kindly would take time to share a good word. …Beyond that…that you would ask me (with a please) for more is beyond my most excessive fantasy. Onward…I shall do my best to fulfill the acceptance, the welcome you and others within the PF community have entrusted to me. Thank you! God bless you so much!

  4. Love the juxtaposing of trouble, make it better, and innocence all under the telling umbrella of “After the fall.”Nicely done!

  5. This is such an easy read, with the Me/Mommy parts. It highlights the humour and child perspective. 🙂

    • Thank you so very much for taking time to read and to provide your affirmation. Since I felt (& continue to feel) way out of my league even daring to submit to the monthly challenge, I am especially grateful for your positive feedback regarding the form of the poem. With my “mind,” I worried it seemed too egotistical/annoying to keep repeating “Me.” Even still, my instincts were to give it a try. Better to go with the heart/gut and get feedback not to do that technique again than to try to play it safe and never know if it might have been well received. Now I know, at least for you, the repetition worked. Thank you SO MUCH! I’m feeling so blessed to be privy to the PF community expertise and savvy. God bless you!

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